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Internet of Things – Publish Sensor Data

Today I will talk about how you can publish your sensor data to an MQTT broker. I will publish information about the temperature and level of light in my room, but the same approach can be used to publish any sensory data.


By publishing the sensor data using an MQTT broker, the information can be made available to a number of different consumers. It could be a physical panel showing the readings on a LED display or a dashboard on a web page, and it could even be a mobile app that is available on different mobile platforms. The interesting thing is that the publishing of the data is disconnected from the consumption of the data, and that opens up many opportunities on how the data can be used.


All the hardware that you need to perform this lab is the same as in my previous video called “Internet of Things – Sensors”, so please check that out for the details. The difference this time is that I will add a publication of the data to an MQTT broker, so that it can be consumed by any client.


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