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Is this the best 3D Scanner of 2015? Einscan S Review – 2015

The Einscan S Desktop 3D Scanning promises to be one of the best in its category, but does it live up to its claims?


The Einscan S by Shining 3D is a Structured Light style Desktop 3D Scanning unit with an optional turntable allowing fully automated 3D Scanning. The Scanning unit was successfully kickstarted in Jan 2015 and is now available for purchase from Shining 3D or any number of resellers.


I am hugely impressed with the resolution and scan speed of the unit, which puts it ahead in my eyes of all the other units on the market in this price category. I’m looking forward to using the Einscan S for many future videos here on Maker’s Muse!


Because of the huge mesh density captured by the Einscan S, you do need a fairly powerful computer to run the system with a discrete graphics card.


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