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Jacobs Institute Welcome and Introduction

So I am Pamela Marcucci. I am not Michael Springer, who is on the agenda. Michael was not able to attend this morning. So I’m going to be talking on his behalf. Michael is the director of operations and entrepreneurship, and he’s a biomedical engineer, so he’s been really spearheading this 3D printing initiative.


And I’ve been peripherally involved, as well. I just wanted to take a second to talk about what to expect today. So I’m going to speak for a very short period of time. Then we’re going to have a tour. Allison Kupferman, our manager for communications and outreach, is going to show you a little bit of this very interesting building. Then we’re going to hear about the history of 3D printing here at the Jacobs Institute and at the Toshiba Stroke and Vascular Research Center upstairs in the university space.


Then we’re going to have a demo by our two biomedical engineers on how they actually create the models. We’re going to go in and have a hands-on where you see the models being used for surgical planning. And then we’ll come back and have a facilitated question-answer session where we can answer some of the questions that have arose during the day.


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