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Jello and Laser Beam Experiment

Prepare several colors of gelatin dessert )Jello).
Make a prediction and then shine the laser through a transparent container of Red Jello
Repeat with other colors.


Gelatin is an example of a colloid, which is an evenly dispersed mixture that scatters light due to its large particles size. When a laser is shines through the red Jello, the laser beam is clearly visible with the jello it self. The tiny particles of red jello reflect the red light of the laser, making it visible. It is for this reason the red jello transmits red light.


However, the laser is not visible in the blue jello, nor does it pass through the container!


This is because the blue pigment absorbs red light. Blue jello absorbs the other colors of light and reflects only blue light. Therefore, the red laser beam is not visible, since the red light is absorbed and is actually turned into heat.


When we did the shine the laser in the Orange it work also and did not work with the lime.


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