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Let’s Design Something in Onshape! Redbull Drink Holder – 2015

I’m sick of Redbull cans falling over in my car and spilling their contents everywhere!
As a huge fan of energy drinks, you can imagine the rage and fury I feel when it happens – let alone it’s precious sticky contents coating your favourite shoes or backpack.


Let’s fix that with Onshape and 3D Printing!


I’ve been playing with Onshape for a little while now, and thought it would be fun to walk through the steps I take; from ideation/concept sketching, to concept development, and finally 3D Model and 3D Print.


You will also notice I sketch something before launching into 3D Design – even if your sketch is terrible you will save a lot of time nutting your idea out on paper first. It’s not about creating a masterpiece – it’s about thumb-nailing your idea’s before refining your concepts. All creators and hobbyists are artists in their own way!
1 – Problem! What’s the solution?
2 – Concept Sketching
3 – Measurements and refinement
4 – 3D Modelling
5 – Prototyping (3D Printing in this case)
6 – Test! If it works, great. If not…
7 – Refine


Give Onshape a go, it’s awesomely powerful for the low low price of free (limited to 10 private documents).


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