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Logistics: Vacuum Technology for the Industry

Vacuum specialist Schmalz is extending its range of vacuum generators with very high suction rates with the launch of the new basic ejector SBPL (Schmalz Basic Pump Large). It is particularly well suited for safe handling of various workpieces and enables short cycle times.


Schmalz has greatly increased the efficiency of the ejector over its predecessor. The new eco nozzle technology is based on a multi-stage venturi concept and ensures an optimum combination of suction capacity and energy efficiency: Thanks to the eco nozzle, the suction rate in the range from -200 to -600 mbar is, in some cases, twice as high as before. Evacuation and cycle times have been reduced considerably.


When constructing the new basic ejector, the Schmalz experts also attributed great importance to the product design. The main body and nozzle system are made of extremely robust plastic. This makes the ejector highly resilient and 50 percent lighter than its predecessor, which was made from aluminum. The modular design also presents practical advantages to the user: The SBPL can be cleaned very quickly and is also very easy to maintain. The new Schmalz product is available in two varieties: The HF high-flow version (for the range up to -500 mbar) is ideal for handling porous workpieces such as cardboard, packaging and insulating material. The HV high-vacuum model (for the range from -500 mbar) is the perfect solution for transporting airtight workpieces such as glass or wood. The following optional accessories are available for the SBPL basic ejector: vacuum switch, vacuum gauge, quick exhaust valves, solenoid valves, filter and exhaust duct.


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