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LulzBot 3D Printer Filament Profile Series: NinjaFlex

Welcome to the LulzBot filament profile series! In these videos we are showcasing properties and applications for the many materials you can print with on a LulzBot 3D printer.


The filament highlighted in this video is NinjaFlex, a type of thermoplastic elastomer.


For optimum NinjaFlex print quality we recommend a nozzle temperature of 210-230 degrees Celsius, and a bed temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius.


Because of its unique properties as a flexible filament, we strongly recommend using LulzBot’s FlexyStruder accessory printer tool head, shown with a green extruder body in this video.


NinjaFlex has quickly become one of the most talked about filaments in 3D printing. This material is an elastic plastic known for its flexibility, strength, and adhesion properties. With these properties in mind, NinjaFlex is ideal for cushioning, shock absorption, hinges, and wearable fashion applications.


Today we are printing a custom bicycle handle that will withstand tight grips and heavy use over time.


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