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LulzBot 3D Printer Filament Profile Series: PLA

Welcome to the LulzBot filament profile series! In these videos we are showcasing properties and applications for the many materials you can print with on a LulzBot 3D printer.


The filament highlighted in this video is called PLA, a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester also known as Polylactic Acid or Polylactide.


For PLA prints we recommend using an ABS plus acetone solution, or a gluestick, applied directly to the PET tape on your print bed.


For optimum PLA print quality, we recommend a nozzle temperature of 175-200 degrees Celsius, and a bed temperature of 45-70 degrees Celsius. You can significantly improve your PLA print quality by activating the extruder fan on your LulzBot, typically after the first two layers.


PLA is one of the most commonly used filaments in 3D printing due to its affordability and ease of use. PLA is specifically easier to use because it doesn’t warp like other materials can, making it ideal for printing large items. Plus PLA is a plant-based renewable source, and many believe it emits a sweet and pleasant odor while printing.


PLA is susceptible to extended exposure to heat and sunlight, so it is not ideal for a high temperature environments and long term outdoor use is not recommended. Depending on your application, PLA can also be brittle versus other filaments like ABS.


Today we are printing a [small desktop cabinet] that will help keep your desk organized with small drawers for things like paper clips, push-pins, SD cards, and more.


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