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Microwave LIGHT BULB experiment

Light bulb


Safety Precautions:
Perform this experiment with only adult supervision. Do not perform this experiment for longer then 15 seconds. Wear safety goggles.


Place a light bulb in a glass filled halfway with water.
Place in the center of the microwave and turn on for no more than 15 seconds. Observer


The light bulb will light up when the microwave is turned on! This is possible because the tungsten filament within the light bulb is able to absorb the microwave radiation. AS this filament absorbs energy, it becomes so hot that is glows. The filament within an incandescent light bulb does not actually burn, but rather glows as it becomes hot. The bulb is submerged in water so as to prevent microwaves from striking the metallic base of the bulb and reflecting off, causing damage to the microwave.


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