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Miniature Industrial Production System (MIPS)

The Miniature Industrial Production System (MIPS) enables the trainees & trainers to acquire a thorough knowledge in the field of Robotics & Automation starting from basic theoretical concepts to advanced applications. A combination of all the technologies used in the lab, the MIPS is a complete platform to learn about industrial automation. It includes a combination of various sensors, motors, pneumatic components, linear actuators, microcontrollers & PLC, etc. to build a miniature manufacturing unit that performs a specific task.

  1. Stacking Magazine Module
  2. Linear Transfer Module
  3. Lifting Module
  4. Slide Module
  5. Indexing Module
  6. Drilling Module
  7. Sensing Module
  8. Robotic Manipulator Module
  9. Conveyor Module
  10. Sorting Module
  11. Storage Module

Working of MIPS

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