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My Story: Larissa Suzuki | Computer Scientist #PortraitOfAnEngineer

Dr Larissa Suzuki is a passionate computer scientist, inventor and engineer. She holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MPhil in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Computer Science.


Her professional career includes over 10 years advancing fields of computer science and engineering, including work on smart cities, data infrastructures, emerging technology, and computing applied to medicine.


She is currently an Honorary Researcher at University College London and has worked for local government, managing the development of technologies to support London’s growth and infrastructure delivery.


Dr Suzuki founded a start-up at the age of 21. Throughout her career, she has received recognition from leading tech companies and universities, among them Google, IBM, MIT, ACM and Microsoft Research.


She has published several research papers, spoken at various conferences and organised a Machine Learning workshop at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017.


She is also a contributor to the Amazonian Alliance through RedPill Group, which involves designing a technical platform for the conservation of Amazon Rainforest communities.


Since 2006 she’s been working on increasing the representation of women in Computer Science. She is the founder and chair of the Tech London Advocates group on Smart Cities, founder of UCL Women Engineers, co-organiser of the London Hopper Colloquium, and a committee member of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.


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