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Need education system that enables thought, says Niti Aayog CEO

GURUGRAM: Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Friday called for an overhaul of the education system in the country to develop innovation and application skills.


“We must disrupt the education system to include more hands-on experience. We need a school system that will enable you to think and innovate,” he said.


Kant was speaking at the second convocation of BML Munjal University in Gurgaon Under the Atal Innovation Mission, he said, Niti Aayog has established 500 tinkering labs across schools in India that enable students to develop application and innovation skills.


“It is astonishing to see that children from schools in small villages are able to solve problems much better than children in cities, but this is the untapped potential of our nation” he said.


According to Kant, 72% of India’s population is below the age of 32. Using the example of startups such as the Hello English app that taught English to nine million people in India, he said “the youth are now engaged in not only finding jobs, but creating jobs.”


Incidentally, the government think tank is working with the university on research in fields such as healthcare and education.


“Taking inspiration from cities such as Boston that have built a whole ecosystem around their education institutes, we wanted to take advantage of the existing industrial belt in this area to provide our students with facilities that are able to take them beyond theory into practical applications.


“That’s why we have multiple industry and research collaborations with companies like Shell and Siemens,” said Akshay Munjal, president, BMU Munjal University. This association of academics with industry is strongly supported by Imperial College, London, which acts as an academic mentor for the university.


On Friday, students of the MBA, BBA and BCom (Hons) courses graduated from the university. Among other notable attendees at the convocation was the chairman and managing director of DCM Shriram Ltd, Ajay S Shriram, who was awarded an honorary doctorate degree.



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