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From initial enquiry to wrap up, ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES were very professional and prompt showed genuine interest in our objectives and were very enthusiastic during training sessions and ensured that trainees were not only enjoying but also taking away valuable learnings. Initially I thought they were too young for something like this but they exceeded our imaginations in providing a world class Robotics Lab at GNIT campus.I would recommend every engineering college to have such ROBOLABs at their campus.
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Betting on the Bots


FEBRUARY 14, 2016:

Two young engineering students are making robotics more accessible to enthusiasts across the country
A spartan apartment at a nondescript housing society in Pashan is filled with robots of all shapes and sizes. Among the curious looking machines are two robotic hands that mimic the movement of a human body and a large quadcopter that looks as if it’s ready to fly. This is the working space of College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) alumni Amol Gulhane and Pratik Pravin Deshmukh — the 20-something founders of Robolab, a venture that’s making robotics accessible to the masses by building robotics labs across the country.
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Startups most sought after category of workplaces in India


JUNE 1,2017:

MUMBAI: A LinkedIn study brought out a few days back had revealed that even after massive layoffs and uncertainty regarding the stability of startups, the category of businesses is still the most sought after category of workplaces in India.
While Flipkart and Paytm rule the roost for established startups, another survey conducted by online jobs portal lists the best startups you can work for in the year 2017.
Amongst the winners are startups like Robolab Technologies, Fynd,, Elanic, Lybrate, Vidooly, DriveU,GetSetHome, SmartVizX,, UpGrad, Ithaka and Heads Up For Tails.
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Enabling job seekers to select the best, Aasaanjobs unveils its annual survey


JUNE 1,2017:

New Delhi: Adding a fillip to the Government’s Startup India program which aims to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation, Aasaanjobs, one of India’s leading online recruitment marketplace connecting employers, consultants and job seekers for jobs across hierarchies in an organization, today announced the findings of its annual survey, titled Great Startups to work for in India, 2017. “Over 400 startups were surveyed over a period of two months. Each company was judged on parameters like career development, work engagement, compensation, relationship management and work environment. The winning startups were Robolab Technologies, Fynd,, Elanic, Lybrate, Vidooly, DriveU, GetSetHome, SmartVizX,, UpGrad, Ithaka and Heads Up For Tails,” said CEO Aasaanjobs, Dinesh Goel.
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Startup Story # 19: Robolabs, Catalysts of Educational Change


DECEMBER 12, 2016:

Graduating from a renowned engineering college in Pune and being placed in companies with a high denomination salary, wasn’t the road to happiness for Pratik Deshmukh and Amol Gulhane.
These engineering students decided to tread the path filled with risks and challenges to launch their startup called Robolab Technologies. The founders explain, “With Robolab we intend to establish robotics and automation labs in engineering colleges and schools across the country. Leveraging our vast knowledge and experience, we expose students to current technologies being adopted and used by leading business houses and industries, making them industry ready.”
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JULY 17, 2016:

The Robot Study Circle is pushing the envelope creating bots with a wide range of applications
Members of Robot Study Circle (RSC), the elite robotics club of College of Engineering, Pune, (CoEP), are busy working on robots of all shapes and sizes. Their concentration is intense as they build a rig for a robot that is being designed to move on a basketball. At the other end of the room, a student displays the ingenuity of a massive bot that can hit a shuttlecock with pinpoint accuracy with a badminton racquet.
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This Pune Based Robotics Startup Redefines the Technology Education Sector


MAY 5, 2017:

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Amol Gulhane, Director and CEO, Robolab – A Pune based robotics startup which is redefining the technology education sector.
About the founders:
Amol Gulhane – (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer)
A roboticist by himself has deep experience of designing and manufacturing complex and task specific industrial robots. Has a profound knowledge of educational and defense robots and is specialized in digital image processing, embedded programming, design analysis and optimization. With his entrepreneurial, management and technical skills, he plays an important role in shaping a great technology company.
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Amol Gulhane & Pratik Pravin Deshmukh – Robolab Technologies, Pune


AUGUST 23,2017:

Robolab Technologies from Pune attempts to change the educational facilities available in India, help students exhibit their skills, implement their ideas and “to create employment for the youth.”The firm works on the vision “empower people by bringing technology to masses.”
Pratik Pravin Deshmukh is the co-founder and director of the firm with the right mix of business skills and technology while Mr. Amol Gulhane is the CEO is a roboticist with “deep experience of designing and manufacturing complex and task specific industrial robots.”
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Transforming Educational Facilities for Robotics and Automation


JUNE 2017:

Amol Gulhane, Co-Founder of Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd, speaks about his Hot 100 2017 award winning startup that provides technical and executional support to institutions wanting to include robotics in their curriculum. By Satyaki Sarkar
Taking inspiration from the robotics activities, courses and centre of excellence in their college, Amol Gulhane and Pratik Deshmukh decided they’d build a better platform for robotics and automation that would provide students (future engineers and innovators) precise training and know-how needed to succeed in the domain.
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Robolab – A Platform to Explore, Learn and Build Robots


APRIL 1, 2017:

We are building Robolab as “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots”, with an aim to drive a change in education sector through robotics and automation.
Product Idea
Robolab is your very own, on campus, centre of Excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation, tailor made for you. Equipped with all the advanced technologies used in industries, it offers training courses consistent with the latest curricula and the industry requirements. Thus, functioning as the perfect platform for its users (students as well as teachers) to explore, learn, build and share their ideas. We believe in providing innovative and interactive training by industry experts and deliver the same while establishing the Robolab. This empowers the trainees to manage the Robolab in future. Our planned ROI model ensures the educational as well as financial returns.
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Disruption 2017: 50 EdStartups That Will Redefine The Education System!


MARCH 3, 2017:

There aren’t as many ranks as there are rankings now; an oft-repeated exercise that often leaves stakeholders bewildered and confused – intentionally or unintentionally, that is! But that is not to say that rankings are an exercise in futility or all rankings are fake or even all are real. The subject matter, all the more, confuses those who carry out rankings or even ones who read them.That is one reason why rankings that are meant to guide stakeholders often end up misguiding them. Those, you wonder, who shouldn’t be at the top are right there and the ones that should rightfully be, are not there at all.
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This Robotic Startup By Pune’s Engineering Graduates Is A Perfect Platform To Explore,Learn And Build Robots


FEBRUARY 21, 2017:

Robotic technology is disrupting the world and human life. In India, Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading startup in this segment which aims to revolutionize education industry mainly and other industrial sectors through its robotic software. Read here to know all about how the efforts made by this startup is supporting research and development in robotic industry.Pune-based Robolab is a robotic startup which is in learning, exploration and building of robots and industrial automation since three and half years. The startup aims to drive change in education industry through robotic innovations and automation.
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ROBOLAB – A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots


FEBRUARY 6, 2017:

Robolab Technologies offers a tailor-made on-campus center of excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation. Robolab came into existence out of the rigorous efforts by its founders in an attempt to transform the educational facilities in the country and provide an innovation platform for the students to showcase their skills and implement their ideas and to create employment for the youth. The founders having worked in the Robotics field for four years in their Engineering and with their association in Robotics and Automation Laboratory – Robot Study Circle in COEP, Robolab Technologies was bound to happen. They have worked on a variety of projects participated in various competitions and won laurels for their college at all levels, the founders decided to continue with the same zeal and impart it to the newcomers and other students.
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Transforming Educational Facilities through Robotics


FEBRUARY 08, 2016:

Amol Gulhane, Chief Executive Officer and Pratik Deshmukh, Director, Robolab share with Elets News Network (ENN) about Robolab’s journey, the challenges faced, benefits of their solutions and much more
Share the reasons behind starting the venture.
Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and incubated by BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation Centre of the College of Engineering, Pune.
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Student entrepreneurs prefer promoting robotics than taking up lucrative jobs


MAY 22, 2015:

Three alumni of the College of Engineering, Pune have set up their own company, despite getting job offers worth Rs 9 to 10 lacks per annum.
Sarang Kamble, 23, Pratik Deshmukh, 23, and Amol Gulhane, 24, started their own company ‘Robolab’ which sets up robotic laboratories across colleges in India.
As only 10 to 15 colleges in India have separate robotics laboratory, the group decided to start a company which provides basic equipments for interested colleges. “We thought over business ideas related to robotics because it is a growing field in the country. There are many colleges in India which do not have a proper robotics lab; they use old equipments and theories which discourage students to opt for robotics and automation,” explained Gulhane.
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BIS Research

Global Indoor Robots Market- Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2026


October 23, 2017:

“Indoor robots have been very prominent in industrial sectors for a long time. However, these robots have been tested for commercial and residential sectors in recent past and the results have been positive. Companies are investing heavily on research & development activities of these robots.
The major factors propelling these development are the rise in demand of these robots for a varied range of applications. However, very high initial investment required to install these robots is one of the major factors restraining their demand across commercial sector. For instance, surgical robots in hospital is one such example. However, with the extensive ongoing research & development activities, rise in awareness for indoor robots and steady decline in their prices, the market is set to grow at a fast pace in next 5-10 years.”- Amol Gulhane, Director, Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Dr. Harwinder Singh Saini, MD, GNI Institutions, Hyderabad

From initial enquiry to wrap up, ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES were very professional and prompt showed genuine interest in our objectives and were very enthusiastic during training sessions and ensured that trainees were not only enjoying but also taking away valuable learnings.

Initially I thought they were too young for something like this but they exceeded our imaginations in providing a world class Robotics Lab at GNIT campus.I would recommend every engineering college to have such ROBOLABs at their campus.

Prof Rishi Sayal, Dean Academics, GNI Institutions, Hyderabad

ROBOLAB provides a perfect platform for budding and enthusiastic engineers to work on their ideas from scratch to completion.

Students from both the colleges GNITC and GNIT attended the training sessions and number of students benefitted from this endeavor in a single year surely exceed 180. And there many are still asking everyday to get into Robotics. Recently we won Best Innovative college Award and ROBOLAB one of the strongest reason for the same. Every engineering college should have such kind of ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LAB.

Dr. Gaurav Tejpal, HOD- DME, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

We were visiting best colleges in India and there we came across a stunning and mind-blowing robotics lab which had state of the art facilities and was highly advanced in terms of technology. We had never seen such a great peace of combination earlier. And we decided to go with it.

In 2014 the Lab was inaugurated and nearly 40 students were trained by the highly qualified faculty from Robolab. It was the best training model for the particular year. Students developed many products in-house and many gather media attention in the region.

In 2015, we had International conference at ACET and we thought of giving the students some more training in Robotics and arrange a 5-day training for 100 students which too was huge success.

Really great work by these young entrepreneurs. Would recommend them to everyone I know.

All the best for your future endeavors.

Prof Dharminder Singh, AP-DME,Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

I was impressed with these young entrepreneurs in the first meeting itself. Highly skilled and intelligent yet so modest and humble. And the way these trainers carry the entire sessions that too in a very simple and sophisticated manner. Sometimes they have explained some of the most difficult of concepts in such a simple words that even a 10-year-old child would get that. We often wonder how do they do that.

I would recommend the Robotics lab to every engineering college. It really benefits the students as well as colleges.

Great work Robolab…

Hemlata S Mohan, Director and Principal, Delhi Public School, Jharkhand

We wanted to give our students a perfect platform to implement any ideas that they may have. So we contacted Robolab technologies and quite they were surprisingly they were offering the same.

The Bhaskaracharya Robolab was inaugurated in June and faculties were given training who will be training the students. The Lab is running excellent and students are using it to the fullest possible capacity.

The efforts of Team Robolab are commendable. Great work…

Mahender Agarwal

Mahender Agarwal, Chairman, SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

We wanted to provide students of SDGI the latest training and technologies in each and every department. We were looking for trustworthy partners for the same since a long time. And we got the same deliver.

The Robotics Lab that we have is an asset for SDGI.We are really proud to be associated with these young entrepreneurs who are making a change in India and for India.

Anuja Saxena

Dr Anju Saxena, Executive Director, SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Robolab had delivered more than whatever they had promised.We were impressed by the professional behaviour they have shown at so young age. The entire team is talented, hard working and they last but not the least, they know their stuff.

We are very happy to see our students working the Robotics Lab all day long since morning to evening.They are coming up with their own ideas for social cause for implementing. Robolab has started a new culture here in a short span.

We would recommend each and every engineering college to have such research facility at their campus.

Dipendra kumar Hajela

Dipendra Kumar Hajela, Research and Development Head, SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

They are the designers so they know the customers’ requirement from thoroughly..

It was nice experience to work along with your young entrepreneurs. The energy and enthusiasm that they all have is commendable.

Dr Shashi Kumar , Lab Incharge,SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Dr Shashi Kumar , Research and Development Director, SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

R- Robotics Entrepreneurs

O- Opportunity Seekers

B- Best Lab and Training Providers

O- Open for ideas and discussions

L- Laboratory- state of the art and highly advanced robotics lab

A- Artistic approach towards training

B- Beneficent for Students as well as faculty

Will give them five star ratings for each of the department.

They were really focused. I like being on the team with somebody who has the kind of focus and dedication.

Shraddha Saxena

Shraddha Saxena, Faculty, SunderDeep Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad

In this kind of professional world, they are the ones who truly connect with you and  share whatever they know at maximum without any limits. The sessions were highly technical but we thoroughly learnt the concepts as well as enjoyed a lot.

Incredible team of Robolab. Truly innovative, supportive and highly knowledgeable.

Rimish Bansod

Col GS Sabherwal, SDD MCEME

I would like to place on record the Trg imparted by Mr Amol at SDD was commendable. He has all the qualities of a good instructor. He is patient and paced the class in a perfect manner. He understood the take off level of the mixed educational level of trainees and ensured to keep the whole class involved and together. He has in depth knowledge on Electronics and Robotics, which in the time duration granted, were well covered. We look forward for more sessions on Matlab, Image processing and Android based applications from him and his team. Also would like wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Rimish Bansod


  1. Coverage – Excellent
  2. Knowledge of the instructor – Excellent
  3. Communication Skills – Excellent
  4. Clarification of doubts of trainees – Excellent
  5. What I liked – Attitude of the instructor to interact with each student/ trainee and taking everyone along
  6. Any feedback for improvement – Nil
  7. I enjoyed this short capsule and have got encouraged to take it up as a hobby for self and my children
Rimish Bansod

Lt col Sukhchain Singh, SDD MCEME

I really enjoyed the classroom sessions which gave me many new insights into what can be done with a little bit of knowledge and instructional help from somebody like Mr Amol. The association which we have established will go a long way in making our journey in the world of sensors and lot more.

Hands on coding and connecting electronic components was really good and source of knowledge. Personally, It has opened the doors of my intellectual quest into many more areas of technology.

I will really look forward to more information with Robolabs in times to come.

My best wishes are with the Robolab Team. God speed!

Rimish Bansod

Lt Col CH vijay, SDD MCEME

  1. A very systematically conducted training, covering all the practical aspects
  2. A good start from the basics and graduating to the finer aspects of technology on Microprocessors and controllers has been very well received by all
  3. Adequate material, sufficient for all the officers undergoing classes had made the difference
  4. Overall, A very interactive and interesting classes conducted
Rimish Bansod

Lt Col S K Bhola, SDD MCEME

  1. Mr Amol conducted a week long capsule on the training on Arduino and Peripherals.
  2. The training was most exhaustive and elaborate. THis method of teaching is excellent and is immersive and invigorating.
  3. He provides a certain touch to the technical aspects which make even the most difficult technical topics seem easy
  4. His in depth knowledge of the subject along with his preparations make a 3-hr long class seem to finish in 30min flat.It speaks volumes about his abilities.
  5. The association which I have developed with him during the course of the capsule will go a long way in furthering my own knowledge.
  6. Here’s wishing him all the very best in life.

Rimish Bansod

Major Vivek Sharma, SDD MCEME

Amol had conducted 5 day training on Mircontrollers, Robotics and Sensors. He was very convincing in conveying his knowledge and conducted the class with full zeal.

He holds immense knowledge and command over technologies and imparted one and all. Apart from the related topics,he had helped with his suggestions and knowledge on various ongoing projects.


Rimish Bansod

Major Aniruddha Sikdar, SDD, MCEME

  1. Mr Amol is having a excellent knowledge about the Arduino and Robotics.
  2. Very well covered in details
  3. Sufficient time was given to individual practice
  4. Having good communication skills
  5. Very easily he made us understand the tricky concepts of the subject
Rimish Bansod

Nb Sub N Laxman Reddy, SDD MCEME

  1. We learnt much from the programmes that we can implement in our further works. So thank you very much Amol Sir
  2. Your training power is very good. Thank you Amol Sir
Rimish Bansod

Nb Sub P R Malakar, SDD MCEME

I found the training very fruitful from the basics of electronics to robotics. The training includes various interfacing of components and communication modules. The connection  of bluetooth module with our cell phone was very exciting.

I am fully satisfied with the way of teaching and various topics covered in the training sessions and we are expecting to go to depth of the devices and technologies.

Thank you very much Mr Amol

Libujashree .R, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

First of all, I would like to thank Amol sir for this opportunity of learning in detail about robotics and automation through this startup ‘Robolab Technologies’. Before attending the workshop, I only knew that a robot is something that does tasks automatically. I never had any knowledge about how it works, what each IC does and its applications. This training has created a platform to learn and implement different tasks using a robot. We also learned to code and we were successful in manufacturing in our own robot in this training session. This workshop has given me a clear picture of what I want to do in the future and setting up a goal. Learning from professionals has made my career foundation strong.

Amrutha .N, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Robotics was something that I was deeply interested in but was never sure of how to start with and was looking for an organization or a channel to guide me in the right way.
Robolab was the best decision I took. Honestly speaking I was really taught more than robotics.
I build anything we need more than planning and constructing. There is always more to it than what we think and in this extraordinary session, I learned how to open up the window of creativity and to think more than the usual.
The sessions were interactive, completely hands-on and more exciting than the other workshops I have been to. The typical task technique really worked out. I never knew I had so much in me until I was squeezing my brain and could finally come up with new solutions.
My hearty thanks to Amol sir and Shakti sir for giving us an amazing experience. This one would definitely help me in future.
Robolab technologies are doing really great but I have few things to convey as a person taking the workshop.
We had a really great time and thank you once again for giving us this opportunity to learn and explore.
Thank you !!

Arvind .G, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Robolab technologies conducted this robotics training in my college for 8 days and it has provided us lot of basic knowledge. This training was different from others workshop which I have attended previously. It gave the knowledge about the robotics and increasing the increasing the complexity step by step. We had more practical than theory and implementing the ideas and theories which we had. We had a great opportunity of creating our own robot from scratch and correcting all the errors, idea by ourselves.

Amareshwar .M, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

We had a good hands-on experience utilizing the time properly and efficiently. I gained lots of knowledge of how the basic circuits work. i.e (the basic functionality and their working under different circumstances were taught well). The way of debugging the problems given to us and finding the errors in the code had changed the mindset and improved our thinking power. The real-time examples were very helpful in understanding the concepts in a more clear manner. The functionalities of a sensor, timer, ADC were covered from the scratch which was interesting and it had simplified our work. We had built our own robot which taught us patience, determination, and accuracy while soldering. It was a different experience which had given us good practical knowledge.
Thank you, Amol sir and Shakti sir for everything.

Aishwarya S.K, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Before the training, We had no idea of what to do, and how to build our own robot. We never had any idea about a robotic system. You made us think about how to build it. How the programming must be done. You made the code wrong so as to make us think on a high level in a right way. We enjoyed your training sir. You motivated us, guided us in a right way. Even though span of this session was limited, but in this less time, we learned a lot….. Thank you for being so supportive.
We loved your teaching and learned a lot from it. I just hope we meet again in future. This team made the best robots out of scratch. Even though we had little, actually very little knowledge, but we are now confident enough to build our own complex robots.
Thank you, Robolab Technologies!

Savita A.M, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

This would be a chance for me to thank both mentors. This training brought me more confidence, new knowledge, made me think…..etc. I can conclude in a sentence that it gave work to my brain. This training is the first step towards my dream. I like the way you teach, the way you give examples, the way you get answers from us.
Thank you too for building that confidence. I will be waiting for next training. Once again thank you so much for both of you.

Abhishek J.R, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Robolab technologies conducted this workshop in my college and it has provided us with a lot of skill and knowledge.
The training was conducted by Amol sir and Shakti sir and was an introductory course into the field of robotics and automation.
This workshop was unlike any, I have attended before as it wasn’t instruction based but rather a hands-on experience wherein we used our own logic and thoughts to solve the problem statements given.
It was a workshop which helped me to give my own thoughts a reality and how to improve on those thinking process. I would like to thank Amol sir and Shakti sir for their guidance and help. I personally would recommend all students irrespective of discipline to attend these workshops/training.
Thank you !!

Abhilash .S, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

It is a good experience to joining the robolab training. I had learned more things, practical knowledge is good and we got the idea to build our own robots. By the robotics lab, we learned different sensors, use of sensors, different types of robots working. We have the satisfaction to coming to the lab and learning what is robotics.
In this lab, we are using atmega128 and learned the features of it and we have the experience to use the board to implement different types of robots. We learned pneumatics and how to use and we are happy to have this good opportunity for us.
I hope we need still more workshops to learn more this. Thank you MVJ College for this good opportunities. We have learned more things.
Thank you, Amol sir and Shakti sir for good support and encouragement during this training.

K. Akhil, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Actually, this is my first workshop where I gained a lot of practical knowledge and patience where I learned individually everything and am confident to build an entire system on our own. Everything in the robolab is good for me and the way of teaching is so good and interacting with the students is so awesome.

Kajol Gaikwad, Student, MVJ College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Robolab taught me something which is apart from the daily syllabus. Robotics workshop of these 8 days was very good. I learned many new things and it also improved my basic electronic knowledge and also where it can be applied.
Thank you !!

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma,Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Here, I learnt not only about Mechanical components of automation and Robotics but the electronics and computer science too.

Enjoyed a lot with Amol sir and Ajit Sir

Even after the working hours.

Chauhan Shakti Singh

Chauhan Shakti Singh,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

The sessions were excellent and we learnt various concepts in depth. The instructor is really nice to us and he is very nice in teaching and has a lot knowledge which we would like to learn more from him.

In beginning I had very less idea about robotics but now I can make a robot on my own. So I will admire the instructor and to Robolab Technologies for their efforts and training.

Alka Yadav

Alka Yadav,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

This training sessions were very useful for us. This session help us to explore our thought process and now we need more classes to enhance our knowledge

May god bless you sir

Nivedhya,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Training sessions were very interesting and useful. I have learnt a lot and improved a lot. Since I am from ECE, I was not knowing many things about the mechanical tools. First day I found some difficulty in assembly and dis-assembly of the robot, but from the next day onwards I learnt about each and every part present in the Robolab and now I have learnt about other disciplines as well

Thanks to Amol Sir, Ajit Sir and Digvijay Sir.

Sakey Srinivasuku Suraj,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The robotics class was the first robotics class for me. I like the way the teachers from Robolab teach and the teachers are very friendly with us. I learnt a lot about robotics in this one week of extensive class and I would like to thank my robolab teachers for this.

Abhigna N,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

I’ve improved a lot.

Training was an opportunity for us to know about us and our ideas.

First day we failed to do the Hex crawler Robot but the last day we were able to do the entire robot on our own.

Thank you for making us capable enough.

Rimish Bansod

P.S Rohan,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The best part was when flow of programs was understood and well executed, As I am not very good at programming.
“Overall it was a very good training program”

Apoorva Shet,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

*The training was very good and useful to me

*It increased the practical knowledge and how theoretical concepts would actually be implemented

*I came to know about the actual usage of the electronics components and how they can be implemented for the benefit of the mankind

*It changed my way of thinking and increased my programming skills.

Joyditya Paul,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Best training ever I have attended. All the trainers are friendly, co-operative and knowledgeable and Hats off to Amol Sir,such a wonderful person he is.I truly wish I will besome like you one day.
Robolab Technologies Rocks!!!

Ashutosh Kumar Gupta ,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Thank you sir for making our 7 days beautiful. We were fed up with the regular teaching that we were getting from our college. And you made to learn new things which we can apply in future.

Thank you sirs!

Deepu N,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

I was interested in robotics since my school days but I felt, I needed a good platform to help me guide with basics of robotics. Only then I can excel in it. Thanks for this wonderful training. Now I can move ahead. Very great time and experience I had during the training. I really want to join Robolab Technologies and work with you people so that I can educate lakhs of students like me who are in a dilemma of starting with robotics.

Hope this comes true.

Thank you 🙂

Rimish Bansod

Abhinav,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

It was a great experience. Learnt a lot about robotics. In a nutshell, this robolab’s training was a driving force for us to learn technologies of all the fields.

Mohammad Safwat,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The sessions were pretty informative, interactive and all the instructors were friendly and knowledgeable

We got to develop our own ideas to design robots of our choice

Rimish Bansod

Sneha R,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The workshop was perfect and triggered interest in robotics

Rimish Bansod

Niraj Singh,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

I was satisfied by the training which was provided. Got to learn many things and overall it was a great learning experience.

Thank you Amol Sir, Ajeet Sir and Digvijay Sir for all the information you all have provided. One thing I want to say is being a mechanical engineer I find coding a little difficult but I learned and enjoyed the coding sessions for the robots

Nagarjuna N,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

*The best moment in this lab was when we wrote a code using a different approach and it executed successfully.

*We got knowledge about basics of Robotics

Rajat Khanna,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The training sessions were really useful. We used to think that making robots is really a tough job, but now I am confident to make it on my own. We being mechanical engineers learnt a lot about programming the robots

Sahil Kumar,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

This session is very useful for me. Have learnt so many things in a new way of thinking with different ideas. The way of teaching and the technique was superb from basics to intermediate and to the difficult stuff as well.I got to know about many innovation ideas. Overall this session was conducted in good was and also clearing the doubt in an unique way.

Teachers are very supportive.

Thank you!

Sumir R M, Student Medical Electronics, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

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One of the best robotics training.This is my first hands on experience in the robotics and my first workshop. I sincerely and from the core of my heart thank Amol Sir, Digvijay Sir and Ajit Sir for theis guidance

Divya M,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Robolab training is good and I learnt a lot from this. This was very useful and great opportunity that I joined this training to learn about robots. I was so happy that when I wrote a code and burnt it into microcontroller and made the robot to perform. It was good experience that I haven’t had before.

Hitesh Agarwal,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

It was an interesting session for me. I got to learn many interesting things about robotics and now I am super excited to implement these knowledge in my life and want to make some different projects.

Rimish Bansod

Priyanka G Patil,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

It was a useful and helpful training workshop.

The training and practical session was really good. We learnt something new which we will for sure use in the future. And we had fun doing it “Best Work with Fun” was what I felt.

Thanks for this opportunity

Rimish Bansod

Rajashree L,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

I learned new things, the awesome trainers made the things clear and even easy to understand which I felt complex. It was really worthful. Even the practical sessions were really amazing.

Kritik Alawat,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Faculty is awesome. They have knowledge and experience. Robolab is well organised. You can find any tool that is required for making robot. You don’t have to go anywhere. My best moment was when I cut the Aluminium plate myself and and made a robot out of it and whenever I operate MARSian Robot

Rimish Bansod

Sagar S B,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

I am feeling that why it was only 1 week. It was very helpful for us in making our own project work.We got a lot of practical knowledge. Most concept which were blank in our mind are filled with the new ideas now

Shaik Asif,Student, M.V.Jayaraman College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The training was awesome. Being from mechanical background we wanted some hands on experience in that area. And that is exactly what we got here. Right from inception of the robot till finishing we did everything here.

The trainers are very good in their respective fields, with excellent knowledge. We learn the programming of the Microcontroller through Code Vision Avr. We also thank our college for provinding us the robolab platform for robotics and automation activities.

Sushmita Dey

Sushmita Dey,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Practical session were very useful for us. We get more knowledge about the microcontroller and performed different task in a team. We need more knowledge about automation and different technologies Thanks for enhancing our knowledge.

Paras Gala

Paras Gala,Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

According to me this training is very important for many students so everything of the robolab is very useful.

Shashank Saxena

Shashank Saxena,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Wish you would have stayed little longer we will have to take yours and robolabs name to new heights. Next time lets make a humanoid bipedal robot.

Will miss you sir.

Virendra Singh

Virendra Singh,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

This lab is a big step in improving the quality of education that is decreasing in today’s world

This training inculcated various skills like curiosity, logical thinking, patience and the much needed practical knowledge. This will be beneficial from every sphere.

It was very helpful and knowledge providing training for us indeed!

Bhavya Upadhayay

Bhavya Upadhayay,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Robolab Technologies give a clear knowledge about the Robotics and automation. Now we know to  implement the devices because of the Robotics Training with the help of this our logicals skills are developed it is very important and necessary for all the students of engineering  college.

Gunjan Goel

Gunjan Goel, Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Being in 3rd year, this was the first practical experience i got. Amol Sir, taught everything from scratch and finally we had made many robots specifically mira I made a fire extinguisher robot. Even though I am a Computer Science student I did a lot of electrical and mechanical stuff which is really interesting for me.

Divyansh Bhardwaj

Divyansh Bhardwaj,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

A really really wonderful experience learned a lot not only about technologies but about teamwork and coordination too.

These past days have been etched into my atmega and will be executed by my l298

Please do visit us again. Sometime soon sir.

D. B  will be missed (If you know what I mean).

Prashant Bhardwaj

Prashant Bhardwaj,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

As a mechanical guy this session provides the new things of bots and other parts from which the mechanical students try to avoids. After attending this session we learned about many parts and robots and got the useful knowledge

Sawan Kr. Bharati

Sawan Kr. Bharti,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

As we all need this type of training session Robolab Technologies We are hearty satisfied by this training session and learned and let regarding this field.

Everything that we practised were beneficial and implementable in our real life. Especially the faculty is also very talented and have deep knowledge. We have gained a lot from ROBOLAB.

Utkarsh Singh

Utkarsh Singh,Student,Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

The training was amazing . I have learned a lot in this training. Both Amol Sir and Ajit sir have taught us in a really awesome way. I am looking forward to attend this kind of trainings in the near future

Pushpendra Singh

Pushpendra Singh, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

New way of teaching an very interesting thing as we were not aware of these things I wish i can learn more from you please arrange the sessions.

Loveshek sharma

Loveshek sharma, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Working Practically in projects with new and innovative way of learning under the guidance of Amol Gulhane sir and Ajit Sir was a very nice experience Got to learn many new things.

Divyansh Pande

Divyansh Pande, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Spending the three years in btech and learning all theory is truly heartless. In Robolab I was practically exposed to nearly everything which we had learnt as subject in btech. Our commitment was seen as we used to have 3 to 4 hrs lectures and we used to do it with full enthusiasm because of our excellent teacher and friend Amol sir

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Well all the things are perfect but we would like to attend more classes than that we received and so that we can get knowledge of more things.

Aman Mittal

Aman Mittal, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

A new way of teaching with great exposure of practical knowledge and very interactive session of learning

Ankush Rana

Ankush Rana, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Practical session was very useful for us. We get more knowledge about how the microcontroller also we performed different task in a team. This session helped us to explore our thought process . Your communication skills are very good and attractive. And We need more classes to enhance our knowledge.

Sunny Sirohi

Sunny Sirohi, Student, Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

This training sessions for robotics was excellent throughout. we came to learn new things. All the projects made us learn the importance of the robotics with the knowledge about it

Discussions at canteen gonna be missed.

Gurseerat Kaur, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

This is very awesome experience to learn about robots from very intelligent and co operative tutors. Please visit again to our college so that we can have more fun and gain knowledge about robots . Thank you.

Simranjeet Singh, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Excellent training is given by Amol Gulhane Sir and Pratik Deshmukh Sir. It is very interesting workshop which helped us to broaden our talent under the guidance of Amol and Pratik Sir. Thanks Robolab Technologies for this excellent training workshop.

Shubham Kaura, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

It was my first time to visit Robotics Lab that we have in ACET. It was a strange experience for me and also got to learn a lot of things

Sajan Arora, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

I was so much interested to know that how the robots behave like human beings and also how they completely perform the action. My all the doubts cleared by this training which was superb and full of knowledge given by highly skilled mentors Amol, Pratik and Ajit Sir who have a deep knowledge of robotics.

Karanbir Singh, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Frankly speaking, I learnt many things which were beyond my thoughts. This is very much useful to boost my confidence in coding and algorithms.And lastly I would like to say that I want to join your startup.

Asis Sethi, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

It was experience for lifetime that we had with you.  I think the workshop should be extended to 5 more days. Try to come up with awesome robot next time too.

Shubham Raghuvanshi, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Teachers are very intelligent and smart and have great knowledge. Though I had problem in learning because I am novice to programming and technical terms. But these guys are amazing. They made us robotics more interesting and fun to learn.Thanks guys for the worderful workshop. You are most courteous people I ever met in life. 🙂

Simran Kaur, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

This session was very useful for me,learnt a lot of things, made the very first robot of my life. Will love to learn more about robots in upcoming workshops if any. All my time towards this was worth it. The team of instructors were very friendly and helpful with a depp knowledge about the latest technologies. Great work …

Rajat Taak, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Excellent faculty of Robolab Technologies with special regards to Amol, Pratik and Ajit sir. Excellent at clearing doubts of every minute problem. Awesome environment during classes which is ideal for any kind of learning.

Rupali Sharma, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

The training sessions were excellent. I learnt a lot about robots and its working mechanisms. And in future I would like to choose robotics as my profession. And special thanks goes to our mentors Mr. Amol Gulhane,Mr Pratik Deshmukh and Mr Ajit Pawar

Parul Mahajan, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Before this robotics workshop I din’t knew anything about Robots and their programming but now I came to know a lot about it and want to be in touch with it.

Sonali Sharma, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

I learnt about microcontroller ics, motors, batteries and robot mechanisms. And want Robolab to have their own GUI software for easy learning and am confident that Robolab Team will surely do this and also hope that they would provide even better output.Teaching faculty is best and clearing doubts without hesitation any number of times.Thanks a lot!!!

Shubham Arora, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Really it was a great learning with Robolab Technologies…They provide us an environment to think technically and to initiate our views without any hesitation..Their way of communicating with the students are hilarious…Moreover they are not like strict teachers …they are like friends for me…The projects on which they are giving knowledge are tremendous…In addition they encourage us to present our ideas in front of all…To teach multidisciplinary group of students are excellent….Overall….I really learned a lot from you people…and You can really see positive and effective results in me…… In first line there is some missing…which is “a great learning experience

Nehal Bansal, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

RTPL is providing a platform for new generation to grow up in the field of Robotics and Automation.Being the part of Robolab Technologies is one of the best experience that I ever had. I feel proud to the part of ACET ROBO CELL (A.R.C.). Best thing I learnt is to how to work as a team. I feel proud be the part of this family. Robolab Technologies gave me bunch of knowledge and memorable moments. Best part was that moment when Mechanical students were trying to do programming part.All are just full of knowledge and they always want to share it with all.Best thing that I like the most that Robolabs Engineers never say that this is a question of electronics so mechnical or any other doesn’t need to know its answer.

Dolly Sharma, Student, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

Robolab is a great idea to implement in engineering colleges.I am very proud to work with the team of robolab.Though I am from MCA, I learnt many things of electronics and mechanical during the lab sessions.Truly mesmerizing experience.

Mohammad Irfan , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

ROBOLAB has taught me something which was totally innovative and exciting. It was an amazing experience especially with Prateek and Amol Sir (Bhaiya). I would love to work with them in the future coming days.

I have a very happy experience with the services that ROBOLABs provided.Especially the kits that the gave were good quality and worth the fees we paid. I would like to work in robotics further.

Prabhjooth Kaur, Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

It was a very good experience working with ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES. The best part was that our sessions were started from the basics which helped us a lot during execution of our project.

We would definitely like to extend our mini project done in ROBOLAB at GNIT and work on latest technologies.

Rakesh, Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

It was very interesting doing project under your guidance and support.Learnt many techniques and technologies I was unaware of.I would like to work on government defence project so Kindly hurry up and sign MOU with them.All the best for future ROBOLABs.

Sandeep Kumar , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

I had interest in Robotics but my basics were not clear. In the first day of the session itself most of the doubts were cleared that too in a systematic manner. Now I am obscessed with Microcontrollers and robotics.Thanks a lot and Best of luck for your future ROBOLABs.

Sindhu Reddy , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

My experience working with you was very good. I would like to work with you again.It was very informative and we learnt many things about robotics.The information that they shared with us was very informative and useful.Explanation was very interesting so we enjoyed to work with Team ROBOLAB.

Suraj Singh , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

Working with ROBOLAB team was great and wonderful experience in my life.I learnt so many things during this workshop. Initially, I didn’t know even the difference between LED and PHOTODIODE. But after attending sessions I learnt about each and every component that we handled. We learnt soldering techniques, programming techniques and many more things. During training sessions, we learnt so many technologies which were not covered in studies.It will be my pleasure to have another session with ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES to gain more experience in the field of Robotics and have to improve my technical skills in the robotics.

Mohammad Johny, Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

The training sessions were very helpful to me to know about programming and robotics. Learnt a lot even from the basic Line Following Robot that was given as a task and has many things included in it viz. sensors, motors, and obstacle avoidance. The sessions were so great that we want more of these. We would like to have subject on ROBOTICS provided we get you as Faculty. I feel very happy and content to work with you. Thanks a lot for the wonderful efforts and all the best for future endeavors.

Laxmi Narasimha, Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

I feel better with this type of technical teaching which makes us to think in field’s like creative and innovative manner.I think I did right thing by choosing this program and I am proud to be a member of this ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES. Hope this ROBOLAB will give us more useful stuff which makes us to enter into innovative thinking.Would like to attend more of your training sessions because working with a group will give me many opportunities like decision making, role playing,technical programming,gaining more knowledge and suggestions from friends all these things makes me really good.

Apoorva Rao , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

It was very nice working with your team. Learnt a lot in a very short time.It was informative and interesting.It also generated curiosity about learning about ROBOTICS.would like to attend any number of seminars by you people.

Shruti Jahagirdar , Student, GNI Institutions Hyderabad

I really liked the Robolab Technologies initiative

I attended two sessions of ROBOLAB TECHNOLOGIES at GNITC Innovation Centre and both the sessions were very informative and Robotics is introduced to the students right from the root level.

The teaching here is very different from that of a classroom so this enhances the interest towards robotics.

we would definitely want to have many other sessions which has teachings, competitions , seminars and many more.