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nexiles Showcase – Internet of Things

By now, we have a working setup for our Internet of Things showcase. It features a fischertechnik crane model that is connected to Microsoft Azure and a dashboard for visualization. The Azure back-end takes care of device management, message stream analysis (fishing out the critical alerts), data persistence, as well as data access and visualization.


We have registered 4 Offshore cranes in the showcase. Their individual and current position is retrieved in real-time from the ship’s AIS information. Also, pictures and other information about the vessels is retrieved from the same system. Each registered vessel is shown on a world-map – a click on a vessel shows a picture and provides direct access to the Design data of the mounted crane as well as links to its 3D visualization and possibilities to see pending Changes and to create new Problem reports on a specific crane.


The showcase demonstrates how an actual device/crane sends its telemetry data to the Remote Monitoring solution. The solution recognizes critical conditions and issues warnings and alerts. The connected crane can also receive messages from the solution – in the showcase it’s possible to order the crane into its parking position and to turn on/off the floodlights.


With this showcase we wanted to create a real-life example illustrating the idea of Internet-of-Things. Again, instead of following and spreading buzzwords, we want to do real stuff and see things in action.


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