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NITI Aayog Launches the ‘Grand Innovation Challenge’

NITI Aayog launched today the first phase of the ‘Grand Innovation Challenge’ to seek citizens inputs on the key developmental challenges facing India. The ‘Grand Innovation Challenge’ is being launched on the MyGov portal, to involve citizens at the very first stage in innovating for India’s development. The idea is to work together with the States and every citizen as Team India to ensure progress. leaving no one behind. The focus is on the social sector, the most vulnerable sections and to involve citizens in crowd sourcing ideas to address challenges facing India’s development.


In Phase I of the Grand Innovation Challenge, NITI Aayog will seek the views of the citizens on the key challenges facing India, across areas significant for the country’s development. The idea is to find out from the people what are the critical issues which need to be addressed to develop the social sector and the challenges which need to be tackled on a priority basis. Phase I of the Grand Challenge ends on April 25th. Entries should be submitted here:


In Phase II, a shortlist of the urgent challenges as suggested by citizens would be prepared and innovative solutions would be sought from the people to address them using appropriate technology. The idea is to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship & citizen-led solutions to problems through this Grand Challenge. NITI Aayog will ensure that the best, innovative solutions to pressing challenges receive full backing from the Government of India – from funding, mentoring, technical & academic support to scaling it up across the country and absorbing them in government schemes. These solutions should be specifically designed for India, be made in India, and adopted by Government of India to radically develop India. Citizens are expected to pick one of 14 given, crucial, sectors that need to be addressed on priority to ensure that most vulnerable, and maximum number of citizens, are best impacted.


At the end of the phase, NITI Aayog will identify and acknowledge 10 most pressing challenges from among those suggested by the citizens of India. The best 10 entries will receive certificates of acknowledgement from NITI Aayog. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to NITI Aayog as special guests for a discussion on the Atal Innovation Mission, along with key policy makers of the Government of India. In PHASE II of the Grand Challenge, detailed proposals will be sought on how the innovative solution/product can be developed, sustained, scaled up and adopted by the Government in its schemes across the country. The best solutions will be nurtured and brought to form by a network of world-class innovation hubs. NITI Aayog will provide academic, technological and economic support to upscale top class solutions by best innovators.


The move comes in the backdrop of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative to reiterate the importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for India’s Development at various forums. NITI Aayog is leading this key goal for India by formulating guidelines for implementing the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). With the launch of AIM, NITI will provide fillip to the swelling Innovation potential in the country. Partnering with the best minds nationally and internationally will bring together experts in academics, technology, industry, entrepreneurship and research. The resource bounty will be made available to innovative minds from across India to tap on.

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