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Plastics: Vacuum Technology for the Industry

In the production hall of a big paper factory heavy sacks must be commissioned and transported to the paper machines. Previously, this work was done manually, placing the employees under great physical strain. Today the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo Flex ensures faster materials handling while taking the burden off the employees.


The tube lifter Jumbo Flex 50 handles small to medium-sized loads up to 50 kg very quickly and ergonomically. The operator handle can be operated intuitively with one hand. Depending on the employee’s preference, it can be operated with one or two fingers on the right or left hand.


The different suction pads can be replaced quickly for a wide variety of applications. The round suction pad with a special skirt to seal the workpieces is ideal for powerful, safe handling of sacks. The lifting speed can be precisely regulated depending on the practical requirement and the amount of work.


The JumboFlex 50’s optimized ergonomics allow the employees to work with a back-friendly posture. This keeps the handling speed at a consistently high level and reduces absences due to health problems.


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