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Tests for the Functional Group Present in the Organic Compounds

Inorganic compounds are substances that do not come from living things. They are formed by non-living natural processes or by laboratory preparation methods. The branch of chemistry that deals with the behaviour and properties of inorganic compounds is called Inorganic Chemistry. Inorganic compounds are found in nature in the form of minerals. The two important classes of inorganic compounds are Coordination Compounds and Double Salts. Complex compounds are formed by a large number of transition metals in which the metal atom is bound to neutral molecules or to negatively charged species called ligands. Double salts are compounds that contain more than one cation or anion and are obtained by the combination of two different salts.


This video explains how to prepare a pure sample of (a) ferrous ammonium sulphate, (b) potash alum and (c) potassium trioxalatoferrate.


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