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Robolab Technologies Marketing Assets

Robolab’s digital resources are made freely available for promotional and private use if proper Robolab branding is upheld. Examples of acceptable use would be media coverage, local team recruitment or fundraising advertisements. Commercial use must credit Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd unless otherwise agreed upon.

To ensure consistency of the Robolab brand, please consult the appropriate Robolab style guide before utilizing any Robolab logos or artwork. Feel free to contact with any questions, requests for permission, or information regarding resources not available on this page. For other marketing inquiries, please contact

You can find the press kit below by clicking on google drive folder. This includes:

  • Robolab Logo
  • Team photographs
  • Previous media articles
  • Company Profile
  • other supporting data and information

Robolab Press Kit

Previous Press Releases

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Robolab Technologies – Creativity Tends To Infinity


National Entrepreneurship Award 2018 winner Robolab Technologies Pune


Robolab Technologies Pune Introduction and Journey: Mentored and supported by Bhau Institute, COEP


News Gallery:

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