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Product Showcase – Particle Electron

When we launched the Particle Photon, we were super excited to see what people were going to do with Particle’s tiny IoT platform and we were not disappointed. The Photon made it easy to develop WiFi enabled web devices with easy development tools and an IoT optimized cloud platform. But Particle hasn’t rested on their laurels, no, they’ve kept busy. And now they’ve released the Particle Electron, which does the same thing for 3G that the Photon does for WiFi. Now your connected devices can have even greater range and uninterrupted service.


To get you started quickly with the Electron board, Particle has put together the Electron 3G Kit which includes the module itself, a LiPo battery, a cellular antenna, a breadboard and some components for building sample projects, and here’s the cool part: A Particle SIM Card which gives the module access to Particle’s affordable 3G data plan for low-bandwidth devices. You even get 3 months of their 1MB monthly data plan built in!


Check out SparkFun’s product page for links to all of the documentation that you need to get started with this tiny cellular IoT platform!


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