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Profibus vs Modbus│ Difference Between Modbus and Profibus Communication│

There are some different of Modbus and Profibus which are sometimes called “Fieldbus”. It is a common name used to tell any network industry that links the field devices. As a generic explanation it was fashionable at one point, but looks to have fallen out of use in recent times.


It is also occasionally applied as the simple form of a particular protocol called Foundation Fieldbus. It is only one more protocol such as Profibus or Modbus, but it has attributes which are planned specifically for industrial processes.


It was also used as the short form for a failed effort of IEC at standardizing the networks industries. That standard is much forgotten now, it was said that the proprietary of protocols could define itself as standard.In this video I will go to show you Difference between Profibus and Modbus.


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