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Public Notice – Recruitment Fraud

We wish to caution jobseekers and educational institutions at large that Robolab Technologies, as a policy, does not authorize external parties to conduct employment drives or extend Offers of employment on its behalf. It is also not our policy to charge or collect fees of any kind from educational institutions or from candidates for participation in a recruitment event or to receive Offers of employment. Request you to visit for all openings.


Any person or organization dealing with unauthorized parties is doing so at their own risk. Robolab Technologies is not responsible for any losses (monetary or otherwise) that are incurred as a consequence. Robolab Technologies will also not have any obligation to provide employment to anyone who has been issued a fraudulent offer letter or to offer any other recourse whatsoever. In order to verify the authenticity of any Robolab Technologies recruitment event or Offer letter, you can write to us at



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