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Raspberry Pi Tutorial 29 – Practical Socket Communication

The last couple videos setup our server and client using trivial text based examples. We need to get this doing something practical! I show you how to flip a relay based on temperature readings from a TMP36. Starting to bring it together.


This video is part of a series of building a practically ‘useful’ security system using Raspberry Pi to catch the Cookie Thief. I am not a computer scientist, software engineer, programmer or electrical engineer. Everything I cover was self taught using resources I found on the web. I thought it would be great to put together a series of videos that consolidates what I have learned to yield a single resource to cover many interesting topics about the Raspberry Pi! Having said that, due to my relatively little experience, I may have made mistakes or could have done certain things better. If you are aware of such a mistake, please let me know either in the comments or through email!


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