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Raspberry Pi Tutorial: A first look at Sense Hat add-on board for the Raspberry Pi

c It was developed for the Astro Pi mission and 2 of these boards are deployed to the International Space Station. Let’s start!


The Sense HAT is an add-on board for Raspberry Pi, made especially for the Astro Pi mission – it launched to the International Space Station in December 2015. Yes, two Raspberry Pies with 2 Sense Hats were actually sent to the International Space Station and performed experiments with code that was written by students! Amazing stuff!


The Sense HAT has an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, a five-button joystick and includes the following sensors:

• Gyroscope
• Accelerometer
• Magnetometer
• Temperature
• Barometric pressure
• Humidity


There is also a Python library providing easy access to everything on the board.


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