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RoboCup @ Home 2009 Best of Innovation Award Winner NimbRo

The video shows highlights from the RoboCup@Home competition, which took place in Graz, Austria, in July 2009. The RoboCup@Home league aims to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications. It is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots. A set of benchmark tests is used to evaluate the robots abilities and performance in a realistic non-standardized home environment setting.


In the video, the domestic service robots Robotinho and Dynamaid of Team NimbRo (University of Bonn, Germany) demonstrate their skills in robust indoor navigation, object manipulation, and intuitive multimodal human-robot interaction.


Robotinho introduces the team. Dynamaid detects a person, learns its face, and recognizes the person later on. Robotinho welcomes a guest and guides him through the apartment while Dynamaid fetches a drink. Dynamaid learns a labeled map of the apartment and navigates later to specific places. Dynamaid picks-up user-requested objects from a shelf and hands them over. In the Final, Dynamaid delivers drinks and snacks to the jury.


At RoboCup 2009, our team won the innovation award for innovative robot design, empathic behaviors, and robot-robot cooperation.


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