Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd | Robolab Students from ACET secured prize at National Level Robotics event
Robolab Students from ACET secured prize at National Level Robotics event
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Robolab Students from ACET secured prize at National Level Robotics event

Student members of ACET Robolab recently took part in the “Robo Tractor Pull” event at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and secured 3rd position under the Guidance of Dr Ishwar Singh( HOD, DME) and Er Dharminder Singh.


The positive attitude and motivation of Principal V K Banga and Gaurav Tejpal proved to be a great driving force for the students in taking part in such an event.



Team members,
Bhuvnesh Magon,
Arvind Kalia,
Nagesh Wadhera,
Harshit Arora


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