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Through "Robolabs”, we intend to establish robotics and automation labs in engineering colleges & schools across the country. By leveraging our vast knowledge and experience to students, we expose students to the current technologies which are being adopted and used in today’s leading business houses and industries making them industry ready. "Robolab" for engineering institutes comes in two options viz., Basic and Advanced versions, out of which the customers can choose according to their requirements followed by little customization. These labs are equipped with electronics, mechanical, pneumatics and vacuum technology training kits where students can learn principles of robotics on their own. They have a section of computers wherein all necessary software for robot designing, control system layout, simulation, coding, and programming will be installed. A special section of robots manufactured by Robolab Technologies is provided consisting of five advanced robotic platforms for research and project activities. We provide services in the form of training and project guidance.
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RoboLabs For Colleges

Glimpse of Robolab


Robolab Includes the Following

Electronics Technology Section

Robotics technology depends heavily on Motor Controls, Sensors, and Processors. Our comprehensively designed electronics section, with all such required components, serves as a perfect platform to explore & build robots with latest electronics technology.


Miniature Industrial Production System (MIPS)

It is a practice-oriented training system of automated manufacturing line. With this, students get an idea of how automation is used in real life industry applications. The MIPS enables preparation of students for the demands they will face in their professional lives.


Mechanical Technology Section

Equipped with the necessary tools and instruments needed for manufacturing and giving shape to students’ ideas, this section serves as the necessary platform to Conceptualize -> Design -> Manufacture -> Prototype. With these tools, they’ll be ready for just about any project to build.


Workbench and Instruments Section

We provide sophisticated instruments and tools required for in-house manufacturing of the ideas and robots. Robots are built with variety of material & this section contains all the tools and instruments that are necessary for fabrication & machining of those.


Pneumatic Technology Section

It is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and practical applications of pneumatic system. Students can learn the pneumatic concepts & design the systems. This technology section gives access to components used in industry to construct the pneumatic system.


Software Technology Section

We provide easy to use and interactive softwares for taking the trainees from basic to advanced stuff. It helps them to design & simulate the robotics systems before making them a reality. Thesoftwares are also used to program the robots using embedded electronic system.


Vacuum Technology Section

Industrial applications like automotive, nautical industry, and food sector clusters a large variety of modern productions processes utilizing vacuum technology. With this, students will get a comprehensi[/two_col_25_75_col2]ve overview of the construction and working principles of vacuum devices and systems.


Robolab’s Study Platforms (Robots)

This section consists of variety of robots developed taking into consideration all the learning aspects. The trainees will get to learn maximum possible concepts of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Computer and IT handling these robots.


3D Printing Technology Section

It is important that students learn rapid prototyping, so that they become aware of what production means. Having objects printed makes the students to better understand what they are studying.The uses of 3D printing are endless to reproduce models and designs.


Industrial Robot

Modern industrial robots are true engineering marvels. They can swiftly carry payloads of hundreds of kgs with repeatability of fraction of a centimeter. The industry needs multi-disciplinary engineers to design program & automate the processes.


Panorama View of Robolab

(Drag image right or left with mouse to view complete Robolab)

Benefits of RoboLab

  • Hub of inter-branch student activities
  • The necessary technical edge under proper guidance in an ideal environment
  • Perfect environment for future Roboticist in the making
  • College’s status and reputation, quality, digital equity
  • To bridge the gap between Industry requirements and present academic content
  • Platform to get exposed to multiple disciplines of Engineering
  • Students get trained on state of art embedded technology.
  • Serves as a brilliant exposure to help you identify your field of Interest.
  • Certification of completion which gives a better edge among others.
  • Instead of relying on someone else, Enables them to think and build their own projects during academics.
  • For meritorious candidates, industries offer internship/ scholarship during project
  • Lays a path for bright career in embedded systems / application development / mechanical / robotics etc.

Benefits To Institution

Research Facility Inside Institute

Institutes establishing Robotics Centre of Excellence, which is equipped with robots, software & hardware tools, create an ecosystem to carry out high end research at par with reputed global institutes.

Industry -Institute Interaction

With the best Robotics resources available, institute can offer industry associated practical learning courses to students, which will make them industry ready.

Monetary Benefits

Institutes, being associated with Robolab technologies, gets a share of revenue generated from the trainings conducting on Robotics & Automation, Academic projects trainings etc. at your campus.

Quick Return On Investment

Students prefer to study in a campus with excellent research facilities & inter-disciplinary learning ecosystem. Robolab pushes your institute ahead to secure new admissions and getting international exposure.

Well Trained Faculty by Robolab

Qualified and highly competent engineers, who are subject matter experts, train your faculty, ensuring complete knowledge transfer.

Free Annual Maintenance

When Robolab Technologies is given the contract to build the Robotics Centre of Excellence, we take the responsibility to maintain & support in case of any technical difficulty related to Robotics Centre of Excellence for one full year after establishment.

Benefits To Students

Certified Training Programs

Our well defined training and courses inculcate the key skills & concepts in students, enhancing their creativity, logic and problem solving ability. The certified training programs from Robolab give a head-start to the students in their career.

Execution of Innovative Projects

Instead of purchasing their major/mini projects, students’ access to latest technology boosts their confidence to undertake innovative and challenging projects on their own.

Summer Trainings & Internships

We offer two/three weeks summer training and internship programs for students who are really interested to make a vibrant career in the field of Robotics & Technology.

Student-Industry Tie-up Program

All students, who are part of the training programs, get an opportunity to connect with the companies related to their interest & qualities, enhancing their chances to get a job of their choice.

Academic Curriculum Oriented Course

Our training programs at Robotics Centre of Excellence are aligned to university curriculum, acting as a stimulant for students to excel in academics.

Access To Robolab’s Online Content

Videos, lectures and blog posts of specially designed robot platforms & automation related material will be available to students participating in the training program.

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Our Valued Clients

Guru Nanak Institutions, Hyderabad

Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology

Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad

Nowrosejee Wadia College, Pune

ShriRam Computer Robotech, Kolhapur

Delhi Public School BOKARO, Jharkhand

Shree L. R. Tiwari COE&T, Mumbai

Sunderdeep Group of Institutions Ghaziabad

MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

MVJ College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering, Hyderabad

K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon