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Schneider Electric se prépare à l’usine du future avec l’impression 3D de Stratasys

French multinational corporation, Schneider Electric SE, is the global specialist in electricity distribution, automation management and the production of installation components for energy management. The company’s 160,000+ employees serve customers in over 100 countries, helping them to manage their energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.


With efficiency enhancement central to its value proposition and indeed, the ethos of the company itself, Schneider Electric was keen to explore ways of streamlining certain manufacturing processes to achieve both short and longer term efficiency goals.


To help meet these objectives, the company has incorporated Stratasys 3D printing technology across its manufacturing operations in Grenoble, France, This includes product prototyping, 3D printed jigs and fixtures, and 3D printed injection molds.


Beyond that, and in order to realize it’s ultimate goal of creating the Factory of the Future, Schneider Electric plans to explore the opportunity of using Stratasys’ 3D Printing Solutions for final production, such as for spare parts and for low-volume requirements.


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