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SparkFun THAT InGenius + OutSmarts boards

The SparkFun THAT 1206 InGenius Line Receiver Breakout and the SparkFun THAT 1646 OutSmarts Line Driver Breakout allow you to easily add balanced audio inputs and outputs to your circuits. The THAT InGenius and OutSmarts technologies are designed for high grade analog audio transmission and reception. They offer low distortion and high common mode rejection in real-world audio applications. The breakout boards combine the THAT IC, supporting components, and a ¼” TRS socket – allowing you to implement high quality balance input and output amplifiers with minimal external components. The two boards perform mirror-image signal conversion – the SparkFun 1646 OutSmarts Baord is an unbalanced-to-balanced output driver, and the SparkFun 1206 InGenius board is a balanced-to-unbalanced input receiver.


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