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Spinning fluids in your ears Experiment

The principle of inertia, If an object is at rest, it will stay at rest until something forces it to budge, and if it’s moving, it will keep moving until ground to a halt. That’s why spinning makes you dizzy.


There are three Loop-shaped canals in your inner ear contain fluid and fine, hair-like sensors that help you keep your balance. Each one senses the movement of your head along different axis. Your ears sense motion by detecting the way tiny strands of hair lining the canals wave back and forth in this moving liquid, like water plants swaying in a river current.


When you jerk your head around the fluid moves and bends the hair cells to and fro. This information is sent to your brain.


These loop-shaped canals are filled with a fluid that sloshes around as your move.


When we spin around vertically very fast the fluid in our ears moves around letting you know that the orientation has changed.


When you suddenly STOP!


You get dizzy because the fluid in your ears keeps moving after you stop. Fluid in motion stays in motion until friction slows it down.


What people don’t know that your ear has 3 loops in your ears. One horizontal and two vertical. Head back and forth, head side to side and left to right. Side to side is the horizontal one.


We usually get dizzy from the spinning horizontally but is it possible to get up down dizzy from spinning those vertical ones, the answer is yes and you will not be able to balance yourself in the vertical direction and its a very strange sensation.


Here is how you do it. Find a nice open space and tilt your head sideways and spin around as fast as you can. You really have to fully commit to this spin as fast as you can and you can not only turn your head half way or it won’t work. Your ear facing the ground.


As you spin the fluids in your head will slash in the vertical direction and you will not be able to tell up from down and it will cause you to fall.


It is a totally odd feeling, its really hard to describe in words. Go get a friend and find a open space and give this a try.


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