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The Best Multimeter Tutorial in The World (How to use & Experiments)

This video compares a 10 dollar to a 170 dollar multimeter and shows the average person how to use the voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode and battery options. I also cover safety concerns and run all tests simultaneous with both multimeters.


This video covers: Difference between 3 and 4 probe options on a multimeter.


Tests include:
* Voltage of Battery (DC)
* Voltage of Outlet (AC)
— discover something interesting in one of my outlets
— discover a SERIOUS hazard with the 10 dollar meter
* Current of a toaster (LIVE)
* Resistor test
* Metal tape test?
* Probing a circuit board
* Discovering schematic of a Emergency 4-prong switch
* Conductivity of water & salt (an electrolyte)
* Light bulb test (Same as a fuse test)


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