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The Fascinating Oscillating Reaction Kit experiment

In this one-of-a-kind chemistry kit, you will make a clear solution and watch it change to yellow, then to blue-purple and back to colorless. Its amazing to watch the colors repeat the color cycle again and again.


The REGULAR KITS (singles) include enough materials for repeating each experiment two to three times. The larger CLASSROOM KITS contain five times the materials of the single kits, enough for a five STATION CLASSROOM SETUP that can be REPEATED APPROXIMATELY three TIMES.


There are many reactions going on at the same time. I’m going to try to simplify it as the best I can. How ever it might still be confusing. In this experiment there are to main reactions. One that generate iodine and one that depletes iodine. At the very beginning the reaction that produces iodine dominates which is why the solution turns yellow. Then the iodine complexes starch and starts to turn blue black complex. The iodine then cuts off its own production and the reaction that depletes iodine takes over. The iodine is used up so the iodine starch complex associates and the solution reverts back to a clear color.


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