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The Shaken-Soda Cans experiment

Two identical soda cans released at the same time on an incline will roll down at the same rate. However, if one of the cans is shaken, it will lose the race. Experimental evidence is presented that points to the presence of bubbles as the cause of the greater energy transfer to the fluid in the case of the shaken can.


The moment of inertia of the two cans is different.


When you shake one can, the gas inside the liquid tries to escape. It creates a foam that cannot escape and covers most of the unused volume with foam.


In the can which WASN’T shaken, there is more soda in liquid form. Liquid being more denser.


The liquid in the can which was SHAKEN is slightly less compared to the unshaken can, this liquid settles as well, but the liquid which was converted to foam distributes over a large area.


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