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Trash Bag Pressure Experiment

WARNING: Never put anyones head inside the trash bag. Kids should be over 100 lbs (45kg) as the air pressure is pretty powerful. Also a good idea to have one person behind the person in the bag and another operating the vacuum on and off.


We can’t feel the weight of the atmosphere and don’t even notice it. When the pressure is lower inside the trash bag than the pressure outside the trash bag you notice this change and can feel the atmospheric pressure.


Climb inside a 55-gallon trash bag and then have someone suck out all the air with a vacuum cleaner.


This demonstrates the amount of air pressure that surrounds us, by allowing participant to feel it.
● At sea level, the Earth’s atmosphere presses 14.7 pounds per square inch. Air has weight. The pressure inside the plastic bag is lowered by the vacuum to ~12.5 PSI and the atmosphere on the outside of the bag is 14.7 PSI, with a difference of 2.2 PSI, there is more pressure outside.


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