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Two Balloon Experiment

Two identical balloons are inflated to different diameters and connected by means of a tube. A valve controls the flow of air through the tube.


Guess what will happen when I open the valve?
a) The smaller balloon will get bigger
b) The smaller balloon will get smaller
c) The balloons will become the same size


When the valve is opened, this allows air to flow between the balloons. The smaller balloon then gets smaller and the larger balloon inflates even more. This result is surprising, since most people assume that the two balloons will have equal sizes after exchanging air.


The 64 thousand dollar question?
Why does the larger balloon expand?
When the valve is opened, air will flow from the balloon at higher pressure to the balloon at lower pressure. The lower pressure balloon will expand.


the smaller balloon has the higher pressure. So, when the valve is opened, the smaller balloon pushes air into the larger balloon. It becomes smaller, and the larger balloon becomes larger.


The airflow ceases when the two balloons have equal pressure.


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