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Vacuum Technology for Automation

Schmalz’s new series of magnetic grippers are designed to handle ferromagnetic workpieces and feature high holding forces and excellent temperature resistance. These grippers make it easier to handle ferromagnetic workpieces such as perforated plates, laser-cut parts or sheet metal with drill holes and apertures. Custom connection options ensure that there is always a surface on the product that is suitable for gripping.


The magnetic field of an integrated permanent magnet ensures that the workpieces are gripped securely. Compressed air is used to move the magnets, which activates and deactivates the gripping. A voltage source is therefore not required. A low level of compressed air is sufficient to control the gripper and ensures reliable operation even if the compressed air supply fluctuates. The magnetic gripper’s bistable design provides reliable, fail-safe operation even if the compressed air level drops: The workpiece remains securely gripped even if the power supply fails because the magnet retains its current position, whether “grip” or “set down.”



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