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Verbatim 3D Printing Filament! Review using the UP Mini 3D Printer – 2015

Verbatim has entered the 3D Printing Consumables market, but how does this Japanese filament from the technology giant stack up?


I tested the Verbatim ABS filament using my UP! Mini from PP3DP – first on stock settings (fan door closed, with standard UP! ABS temps) then fan door open, and finally using the UP! Mod fixUP to reduce the temperature to 240degC. Compared to the UP! Brand Black ABS, it looks pretty darn good.


You would have no issues using verbatim filament with your UP! Plus or Mini (or UP Box probably) so long as the fan door is kept open, or you try out the hack. Highly recommended!


Verbatim filament is available in ABS and PLA as well as a flexible TPE – keen to get my hands on some of that! You can buy it from 3D Printing Studios in Aus or pretty much anywhere online.


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