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Water to Cranberry juice Experiment

Start off with ….Out of sight of your audience, add about one teaspoon of sodium carbonate powder (Washing Soda) which is Baking Soda that you preheat to 400 degrees (204 c). Then pour in 16oz (pint) of water in a pitcher and mix until solution appears clear. This will be the “plain water”. With two clean cups, add about 10 drops of phenolphthalein solution (pH indicator) to the bottom of one glass. This will become the “Cranberry juice” glass.


Now In front of your audience, pour some of the “plain water” into the empty cup. Next, say some magic words and then fill the phenolphthalein treated “Cranberry Juice ” cup with the “plain water” and the solution will immediately turn red… WATER TO CRANBERRY JUICE!


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