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Whale Cuts Lead Time by 97% with 3D Printed Injection Molds

Tracing its Irish origins back to 1810, Whales knows a thing or two about technological innovation. The Belfast-based company originally adopted Stratasys 3D printing to accelerate its time to market by 3D printing its own prototypes instead of outsourcing them. The company now owns two PolyJet based Objet Connex 3D printers.


Managing a rigorous injection molding operation, the company’s management turned its attention to the possibility of 3D printing injection molds. In the beginning, they were skeptical – but to their delight the 3D printed injections molds delivered and proved a major breakthrough for producing prototype parts in final materials for functional testing.


In this brief video case study, you will see how Whale is 3D printing its injection molds for a variety of industries. You will be taken though the entire manufacturing process from part design, to Stratasys 3D printing, to injection molding, to testing the final part in an actual Whale pump.


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