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What is B.Tech in Mechatronics and its scope

What is B.Tech in Mechatronics and its scope?

B.Tech Mechatronics programme provides engineers with multi-disciplinary skills. The programme is made after clubbing mechanical, electronics, computer and systems design engineering streams. Mechatronics programme strengthens the students with the skills that allow them to design, construct and run factory production lines and automated processes. Students studying this course are well equipped with the skills that they can use in computers, micro-controllers, programmable logical controllers, programming, industrial sensors, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drives, design of mechanical structure and mechanism and manufacturing process. Talking about its application areas, they range from power systems to transportation to optical telecommunications to biomedical engineering. Industrial robot is the most appropriate example of mechatronics system as it has electronics, mechanics, and computing to perform its daily routine. The main objective of the mechatronics engineer is to club the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing in a simpler form in order to generate a source which can make the human work easier. Students who have cleared their 12th class exam with Physics, Chemistry, Maths subjects are eligible for this course.


Subjects of mechatronics

Mechanical Engineering and materials science Electronic engineering Computer engineering Computer science Systems and control engineering Optomechanics Robotics Further career: Students who have completed their B.Tech degree in Mechatronics can either opt for job or they can go for further studies. Students can enroll themselves for ME or M.Tech degree in Mechatronics.


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