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Wireless Sensor Networks integrated in Internet of Things

The course entitled „Wireless Sensor Networks integrated in Internet of Things“ is three-folded: (1) Definition on basic terms, (2) introduction to wireless sensor networks, and (3) application area. The first part motivated why a basic understanding of wireless sensor networks is required today and where they are already deployed (e.g., Internet of Things, Cyber- Physical Systems). The second part of the lecture presents the basics of wireless sensor networks raising from structure, involved components, and their hardware characteristic. Followed by requirements (e.g., scalability, quality of service) the user has to be aware of when deploying a wireless sensor network and the corresponding design principles (e.g., network organization). With this basic knowledge the user is able to deploy such a network. In order to give the audience an impression where wireless sensor networks are already deployed, part three of the lecture focus on this. The application area is manifold and selected ones are presented, such as structural health and habitat monitoring, health applications, logistic and military scenarios, and automation.


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