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XMPro Internet of Things Demo

This is a short demo that shows how XMPro integrate smart devices in the “Internet of Things” with intelligent or smart business processes.


This is a lab setup and the first part of the video shows the UI on the device itself, how it logs data to a time series database and how it triggers an alert that, in turn, starts a new process in XMPro.


It was done to demonstrate a number of key requirements of integrating devices with processes. The first part of the video and UI is actually the on-board software on the lab device itself and show how data is logged to the cloud and how an alert is fired when a defined threshold is exceeded. It is not part of the business process management demo and is used to simulate how a machine would trigger an event and start an action in the BPM tool.


The second part of the video shows how an end user would be able to interact with the device as part of task or a workflow.It shows how an XMPro task is sent to a user, how they can interact with the device, how they collaborate with other users on the results that they see and how they act on, or complete tasks.


This is not something generally done with BPM tools, but in our view it is the critical link that is currently missing in “commercial” IoT solutions. It also shows how business users would collaborate and action work as a business processes.


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