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Your 3D Printing Questions Answered – Episode 4

In this video let’s address some of your awesome 3D Printing Questions! Time stamps below.

0:29 Purchasing used 3D Printers
1:46 Save for an expensive 3D Printer or buy a cheap one now?
2:14 Is Polymaker PolyMax PLA worth it vs generic PLA?
3:16 What 3D Printers are best for modding?
4:15 What do you think is the next big step 3D Printing needs to take?
5:30 Is multi material worth the huge purge block it creates?
6:50 What is the biggest bottleneck for 3D Printing speed?
8:24 Question about the Flexion Extruder for the Prusa Mk2s
9:20 PLA clogging in all metal hot end?
10:49 Slicer comparison follow up?
12:11 Can you FDM 3D Print optically transparent parts?
13:25 What are your thoughts on 4D Printing?


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